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Information Gathering



SECO Security & Consulting works with investigative methods significantly above the standard of official announcements. To have any necessary information at the right time is one of the principles of any decision. For our clients we are reliable producers of information and creative in information gathering. This enables us to provide discreet, reliable and relevant information for decision-making. We follow a consistent Open-source intelligence and a pro-active information recovery on intentions and trends of criminal organizations as well as new forms of crime overall. In our investigation activities and related observations we can revert on the latest generation of technology.


Our mission statement “Seriöse Erkenntnisse clever optimieren” (Clever Optimise Ligitimate Findings) means in investigation process to place our clients in a position to dispose over an advantage of knowledge that leaves no room for speculations and thus can be used tactically correct so thatby need it could also be juridcally.