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Aktuelles bei SECO








SECO Security & Consulting by Gerhard Unger GmbH

General Terms of Business:


The „General Terms of Business“ is the integral component of orders in entire service range and valid unless otherwise agreed. Should single provisions of Terms of Business become void, this will not influence the effectiveness of remaining provisions.


Rights and obligations of SECO Security & Consulting by Gerhard Unger GmbH


SECO Security & Consulting by Gerhard Unger GmbH (briefly SECO) is obliged to provide services within the framework of valid provisions for the security and business consultancy sector. SECO is liable for the appropriate accomplishment of the contract, however, excluding any success liability, in particular because results of surveillance or investigations can neither be anticipated nor guaranteed. Assignment of staff, vehicle and material efforts as well as methods of execution of contract stay alone under professional discretion of SECO.


SECO is entitled to execute the contract or its parts through cooperation partners.


SECO and its cooperation partners are obliged to keep silence about all matters that will become common in connection with their activity for the client. Only the client itself can release SECO or its cooperation partner from this non-disclosure obligation. Reports, expert assessments and other written statements on results of conducted activity can only be handed over to third parties upon explicit consent of the client. The non-disclosure obligation is also valid for the time after finalisation of the contract, exception are only the cases with legal duty of the information disclosure.


SECO is entitled to process entrusted personal data within the assigned purpose of the contract or have it processed through third parties. In doing so, SECO ensures data protection in compliance with provisions of DSG 2000.


Rights and obligations of the client


During execution of the contract at immediate place of business of the client, the latter must provide for possibly undisturbed organisational framework conditions that will benefit to quicker progress of activity and make sure that any for the fulfilment of the contract necessary documentation is timely provided without additional request, as well as proceedings, information and circumstances that are relevant for the execution of the contract are supplemented. This also concerns all documentation, proceedings and circumstances that will become known while activity is already in process. Further the client must fulfil all applicable legally designated information duties.


Prepared offers, reports, analyses, expert opinions and such may only be used by the client for the contract purposes, in particular handling over of these documentation to third parties demands explicit written authorisation of SECO.




For the fulfilment of the contract SECO is entitled to remuneration from the client. Unless flat fee is negotiated, to settlement come in compliance with the valid price scale and relevant for the contract: incurred staff and material efforts, in particular: studying of records, negotiations, preparation of mission, travel expenses, conduction of investigations and surveillance including preparation arrangements (study of surroundings), technical input, maintenance, reporting, evaluation of video, photo and audio documentation, operation of technical equipment, communication costs abroad, travel and accommodation expenses as well as other actual outlays of any kind.


Should after the placement of order come to full or partial cancellation of the contract through the client, agreed remuneration remains due to full extent unless cancellation fees have been negotiated prior in written, or SECO explicitly refrains from its remuneration. If nothing else is agreed, the client must also constantly conduct payments on account.


SECO is authorised to make accomplishment of contract dependent on complete settlement of its remuneration claims. Reclamation of services from SECO does not entitle to delay of outstanding remuneration payments.