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Crisis Management


Crisis management enables organisational units to deal with unexpected incidents that threat the enterprise itself and/or its players. It involves abilities and proceeds to capture a threat situation, analyse and conquer it.

SECO Security & Consulting ensures that enterprises dispose over necessary structures, trained employees and practical proceeds in order to consequently deal with a crisis situation. We provide relevant documentation, from guidelines to standards, over to documentation such as manuals and checklists and consult on subject of selection of crisis team members and equipping of crisis rooms. While crisis management deals with accomplishment of the crisis reality, crisis communication controls perception of the crisis. We stand by your side together with our partners (professional media agencies and media trainers) in order to put together an efficient crisis communication and to cultivate integral crisis management. Within the trainings framework we train the members of the crisis team in possibly realistic circumstances. This way they become the skills, knowledge and self-confidence in order to act efficiently in unforeseen emergency cases.

In crisis situation SECO Security & Consulting makes such experts available and thereby delivers special knowledge about crisis management, special (authorities) contacts as well as assessment of launched processes in order to enhance the efficiency.